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Why Dealing with us? , Where are our Strength?

Freight forwarding often seems like the battle between David and Goliath. The giants of the industry (the Goliaths) - all multi-national, multi-billion corporations, with global footprints and end-to-end supply chain solutions for all industry sectors – they grab the headlines with the mega deals, massive branding investments and their PR machines.

However, in reality, the majority of the volume of freight moved around the world is the cargo moved by the Independent Forwarders (the Davids). These independent forwarders are in fact what enable global trade to continue moving & flowing in our increasingly globalized world.

The independent forwarders have the advantages of focus, flexibility and agility – enabling them to respond rapidly in relation to customer needs and market shifts.

Through membership in the various freight networks, the independents achieve strength in numbers and extensive geographic reach, which - combined with their personal service, specialist offerings and speed of response – provide competitive positioning in the global market.


HLL freight forwarding is a ONE-STOP-SHOP for all your shipping requirements.