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Custom Clearance and Related Services

Along with our network agents of customs brokers we file several customs entries every year and combine our expertise of worldwide customs regulations with local knowledge to ensure the smooth flow of all international shipments. We offer a complete menu of traditional brokerage services including:

We aim to simplify the complexities of customs control for our customers using the latest direct electronic connections to customs agencies.

Providing our customers with specialist advice on all aspects of the customs and regulatory processes we ensure that compliance is achieved in the most efficient way.

Established procedures, effective technology and solid relationships with customs authorities worldwide help ensure goods are delivered when expected. All documentation is managed and clearance processes can be initiated before goods are in transit to expedite clearance. Valuable expertise is also available to our customers on logistics solutions for free trade zones, as well as managing the complexities of duty payments, bonded warehouses and inventories - often in countries where suppliers have no fiscal representation. Key capabilities include:

When it comes to negotiating Customs, HLL makes it simple. Our highly experienced customs clearing staff is thoroughly familiar with import, export and Transit Sea / Air / Land Operations world-wide. They are in constant communications with sea ports, airports, inland ports, and customs agencies. Our staff keeps abreast of the latest updates of procedures, rules, and regulations associated to trade and customs restrictions. We Provide Legal Valuation of the Goods, Custom Duty and Tax Assessment, Temporary Import Procedure,
Transit Import/Export Procedure, Permanent Import/Export Procedure, Duty Draw Back and Rebate Assistance, Consultancies.